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Funeral Online

No one should miss the final farewell

We believe that no one should miss the final farewell. For funeral centers, we have developed a (live) streaming platform where you can easily stream funeral ceremonies.

With the Funeral Online platform, funeral centers can easily schedule a live stream with a recording for later. Ons doel is om uitvaartcentra zo veel mogelijk te ontlasten wat betreft de videodiensten. Dan kan de aandacht zo veel mogelijk worden besteed aan het verzorgen van een mooie uitvaart voor de nabestaanden.

An online platform

What is Funeral Online?

We have developed the Funeral Online platform specifically for funeral centers, providing them with the ability to easily schedule funerals.

This is accomplished by assigning a unique login code for each ceremony. The bereaved can use this login code to view the livestream and later watch the funeral again.

Simplicity and clarity

A clear overview

What we consider important is simplicity and clarity. In Funeral Online, you can see at a glance when the live funerals take place and with which login code. Through the dashboard, you can view the upcoming and live funeral ceremonies. If there is a 24/7 stream to our platform, you can also view the stream here at any time as it is made available to the bereaved.
Active support

Maintenance & support

Because we understand how important the final farewell is, there is active monitoring on Funeral Online. This includes monitoring incoming streams from the location. Our preference is to receive the stream 24/7 on our platform. This allows for automated checks to ensure that the streams are still functioning properly. If something does happen, such as a camera issue, we immediately call to see if we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible with all involved parties.
Quick & easy within a few clicks online!

Managing ceremonies

Creating and editing a live funeral with Funeral Online is simple and fast. After clicking the 'new online funeral' button, you will be prompted to enter some details for the live funeral service, such as the date and time of the online funeral and the access code. Then, you can save the details, and the livestream will be created!

Sending invitation emails with codes

Viewing the ceremony

All that remains is sharing the unique access code with the bereaved. This functionality can also be handled through the Funeral Online platform, ensuring the correct codes are provided.

After saving, the online funeral is available for the bereaved at the specified times. If there is some time before the livestream of the funeral begins, the bereaved will see a clock counting down to the time you have set. If the funeral has already taken place, the bereaved will have the opportunity to view the recording.


Watch live and replay later

Funerals are broadcast live and can be replayed using the same unique code.

Unique code

Online funerals are secured with a unique login code for the bereaved.


The live broadcast of the funeral is downloadable for the funeral centers and/or for the bereaved (also through unique login code).


You will receive a unique link with your company name. Additionally, the platform will be customized in your brand's style. Integration within your website is also possible.


Viewing the streams is of course possible on mobile devices.

Active monitoring

We provide active support through automated checks.

How do we proceed?

Integration within your location

Since every location is different, we start with an assessment of your current situation. If there is already an AV installation in the location, we will work together to determine the best way to connect in this situation. If there is no hardware available yet, we can certainly assist with this.

We ensure beforehand that the platform is ready with the desired branding. If necessary, we will visit the location to install the hardware. After connecting the encoder to Funeral Online, we provide a brief explanation so that you can start streaming yourself.

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